Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Just as I was prepping a new feature for this site and its accompanying YouTube channel, I had emergency surgery.  Between the hospitalization and the recovery, I wasn't able to work on anything for Our Small Table for an extended period.  About the time I was feeling up to it again, things got extra complicated, between my mom getting a cancer diagnosis and subsequently starting treatment, and an unusual summer with me travelling back and forth from one state to another.  Then I moved, had serious vehicle issues, and my beloved mom passed away. The hope is that now that we're more properly settled, and I have a vehicle again, I'll be able to end the extended hiatus for Our Small Table.  He's been talking about wanting to add gardening videos to the YouTube channel, so that's a possibility, and I have three videos already recorded for the new feature I was working on.  I've also been testing small batch InstantPot recipes, and I have a few "just for fun" recipes planned (Firefly fans? Watch this space!).

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